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About Comline

Comline is a fast growing, proudly British distributor of own brand replacement parts for European, Japanese, and Korean passenger cars and light vans. Established in 1991, the company is headquartered in Luton, UK, where it occupies a 13,000m2 facility which distributes right across Europe. Products include: filters; brake pads; brake discs for car and commercial vehicles; clutch kits; CV joint kits; water pumps; oils, wiper blades and steering & suspension parts. Comline supplies stockists and distributors across the Independent aftermarket (IAM).



Braking is one of Comline's most well established product categories and we have developed a wealth of experience and braking knowhow since the inception of our braking range over 20 years ago. 

The braking assembly is one of the most safety critical parts of any vehicle and it is therefore essential that each and every component is totally reliable and performs when it matters most.


Comline places the safety, reliability and performance of its braking products at the very forefront of the development process, with every specification for every part number being subject to scrutiny.


Whether that's independent ECE R90 certification of our brake padnumbers or 100% dyno testing of our brake discs, the focus is very much on ensuring that only quality braking products carry the Comline name.




Comline brake discs are manufactured in one of the world's biggest brake disc factories. Consistent sourcing from factory that produces in excess of 10 million brake discs each year ensures that every Comline brake disc provides quality, reliability and ease of fitment.



Comline offers an extensive range of 'E' certified brake pads covering over 90% of the European, Japanese and Korean car parc. Comline brake pads all originate from the same source meaning we don't shop around and deliver quality products time after time.



Comline has a long established filter pedigree with over 20 years of experience in this product category. The Comline range now encompasses over 1400 part numbers across the air, oil, fuel and cabin/activated carbon filter categories, and our ongoing development programme ensures that Comline has you covered for a wide range of applications.

Each and every Comline filter is manufactured to precise specifications to ensure performance, reliability and ease of fitment. 

Steering and Suspension

Since launching in early 2013, the Comline steering & suspension range has grown at a rapid rate and currently stands at 1000 part numbers and counting.

The range includes:

-          Control Arms

-          Stabiliser Links

-          Ball Joints

-          Tie Rods

-          Tie Rod Ends

-          Suspension Bushes

-          Suspension Kits

Depth of Range

Comline steering & suspension spans a huge range of applications covering 90% of the European, Japanese and Korean Car Parc.

Commitment to Quality

This begins by testing all raw materials for purity before subjecting each component to strict quality assurance procedures.

This includes:

-          Full tension, compression and hardness checks

-          Life performance testing

-          Welding penetration testing

-          Salt spray testing

-          Mud testing

Motor Oils

Following its launch to market in early 2013, Comline motor oil continues to gain acceptance in the European marketplace. This high-performance range now consists of 13 variants covering a wide range of European, Japanese and Korean applications.

Refined and blended in Europe, this competitively priced range compliments Comline's wider product portfolio and meets the most up to date Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications including: long-life, Dexos2, late Ford Zetec applications and Ford EcoBoost requirements. This means that all Comline oils can be used with complete confidence in line with Vehicle Manufacturer (VM) specifications.

Available Sizes

Comline motor oils are available in 5-litre, 4-litre and 1-litre container sizes, though size availability does vary across the range. Click hereto check the sizes available for each variant.  

Packaging Guidelines

4-litre and 5-litre containers are packed in cases of four whilst the 1-litre product coming is packed in cases of 12.

Water Pumps

Comline water pumps are produced according to strict manufacturing controls and full batch code procedures to ensure consistent quality. 

There are a number of key elements that make Comline water pumps among the very best available on the market.


The Bearing

It is our policy to match the style of the original part. We therefore offer two bearing options; double row (ball on ball) or ball on roller to maximise heavy load carry and extend pump performance.


The Grease

Comline water pumps utilise Super 'N' high grade sealed bearing grease from Japan. This high performance grease operates from -40°C to 200°C whilst offering low noise properties.


The Seal

Each Comline water pump is 100% tension tested to ensure correct pressure for maximum sealing and service life performance.


The Impeller

The impeller size, design and material specification matches the original part specification to guarantee quality and performance.



Each and every Comline water pump is batch and date stamped.

Utilise the manufacturer listing below to search our complete range of water pumps.



This is where we help to keep you out on the road! Providing O.E. matching quality transmission parts at prices which are certainly not O.E. matching! Our transmission section includes Clutch Kits, wheel Hubs and CV joints currently.


Clutch Kits


Comline employs some of the world's leading manufacturers to produce clutch kits that deliver out-and-out quality. As always, Comline combine this quality with competitive pricing that allows our customers to get the right part at the right price.

Comline focuses on Single Mass Flywheel (SMF) clutch kits, a technology that has stood the test of time and offers a track record of reliability. More complex Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) kits available on the market are more complex and therefore significantly more costly due to the greater number of parts involved. There is also a serious question mark over the long-term reliability of the DMF variants.


Hub Assembly


The hub assembly is a vital component in the transmission operation and it's essential that quality parts are fitted in this safety critical category.

Comline hub bearing assembly kits are produced to deliver the reliability and performance required whilst ensuring a trouble-free fit to the vehicle. As is the case with all Comline products this quality is available at extremely competitive prices.

CV Joints


Comline's range of over 300 CV joint part numbers is one of the largest in Europe and covers a wide variety of European, Japanese and Korean vehicle applications. 

As you'd expect from Comline, quality is built in to each and every product with heat hardened splines providing a blackened finish for guaranteed long service life.

Comline CV joints are provided with all the clips, bolts and grease required for easy fitment to the vehicle.


Wiper Blades


Comline's range of Wiper Blades provides consistent performance with every single swish of the screen. The range has been developed to cover the vast majority of European, Japanese and Korean applications and each blade undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee reliability.


Combine this with Comline's commitment to providing its customers with value for money and you have one of the very best ranges available in the industry.


-          Latest Flat Blade technology including spoilers

-          Optimum screen contact

-          Enhanced all-weather performance

-          Improved wiping quality

-          Pre-fitted clip for easy attachment

-          Recyclable packaging

-          Quality Testing

-          TUV approved

Quality Testing

-          Tested to half a million wipes

-          High quality moulded rubber

-          Performs from -50°C to +50°C

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